exportcontrol.org is acknowledged as a B2B platform for exporting all kinds of products throughout the world. You can easily expand your business throughout the world. A global vision enables the USA Suppliers to understand that customer and distribution networks operate world-wide, blurring geographic and political barriers and making them increasingly irrelevant to business decisions.

As a B2B dyanamic platform, we always help to reach the products and services of the businessmen who join our platform. Global business is not a one-way street, where only Exporters of USA can sell their services and wares all over the world.

the USA Suppliers of automobiles, electronic goods, fine china, cameras, leather goods, tractors, and a host of other consumer and industrial products have strived to uphold their domestic market shares against the foreign competitors. Toyota now has taken a good percent of the U.S. auto market, followed by Honda and Nissan.

International trade improves relationships with friends and allies. It helps to ease tensions among nations; and—economically speaking—bolsters economies, raises people’s standard of living, provides jobs, and improves the quality of life. The value of Exporters USA in international trade is over $16 trillion a year and growing.